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Knitter’s Review: Unshrinkit

Dear Royce: Clara Parkes, the owner/author/publisher of Knitter’s Review dot com, has just published her review of a new product called Unshrinkit. I keep casting on things lately. Socks mostly. First sock completed for a test knit due at the … Continue reading

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How Do You Get to the Mango Fruit?

Dear Royce: You shared this video. If just one of these methods truly works, it’s worth the few minutes watching the video. Though I do think I might need that knife he/she is using in the video. Hugs, ~Snow

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Joy Birthday Socks

Dear Royce: I really wanted to use the yarn you sent for my birthday on a small shawlette but could not find something that worked, at least not anything very lacy. So I made socks. Toe-up, Crazy Hoes & Teals. … Continue reading

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Surprise Yarn in the Mail!

Dear Royce and Attentive Readers: Thank you for your very kind words on my Aidez sweater. (The yarn is Cascade’s Ecological Wool.) I love your Opal Handpaint socks! Those socks rock! I still like Opal yarn for socks and have … Continue reading

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I Do Remember Now

Dear Royce: No need to apologize about not writing. As you know, I sometimes go more than a month without writing. I feel sometimes I have to have a lot to write, but that’s really nonsense, isn’t it? And I … Continue reading

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You to the Rescue

Dear Royce: Thank you so very much! I was pretty sure it was 1/2 of all, but I had this nagging feeling I was wrong. I know I don’t like it with 1/2 cup of sugar—it’s just too sweet. I … Continue reading

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February 14

    Dear Royce: Happy Valentine’s Day to you Love Birds! Hugs, ~Snow  

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