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Dear Snow, Your Ravellenic sweater is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!  I just love it!  You said you enjoyed working with the yarn, but didn’t say what yarn it is – unless I missed it somewhere and that’s always possible with me.  Is … Continue reading

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I Do Remember Now

Dear Royce: No need to apologize about not writing. As you know, I sometimes go more than a month without writing. I feel sometimes I have to have a lot to write, but that’s really nonsense, isn’t it? And I … Continue reading

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Now, Do You Remember?

Dear Snow, I have certainly been remiss in posting in our blog.  I think about it a lot and then the thought goes away.  Story of my life.  It’s those doors.  They are to blame for my forgetfulness.  I walk … Continue reading

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Leftovers, Dryer Balls, and Hugh

Dear Royce: I just stumbled across this article published last year on things to do with yarn leftovers. Some of the ideas were new to me. My sister asked me about wool felted dryer balls. Had I made them? What … Continue reading

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Dear Snow, Thank you so much for the beautiful Blue Moon yarn!  It arrived right on my birthday, too.   I love all the colors and can’t wait to knit a pair of socks out of it.  I really appreciate … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Royce!

Dear Royce: Your spring tree looks marvelous! I was looking at flowers at the dollar store the other day, for the same reason. Yes, I left my Christmas tree up, which must be called the seasonal tree. (Or maybe a … Continue reading

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