Happy New Year, 2014!

Dear Royce:


As usual, time just got away from me. I would have news to write to you with but didn’t seem to set down to do it. As I write this, I am attired in a t-shirt, fleece shirt, shawl, handwarmers, scarf. The little heater is humming inches from my legs.

  1. I went to see the High School’s presentation of the musical Beauty and the Beast. It was marvelous! I seriously believe they are breeding bacteria and viral things in that auditorium.
  2. I was sick over the the Thanksgiving week. Some symptoms and medication side effects followed me into weeks 2 and 3. My voice is still impaired.
  3. The week of Christmas brought a whole new season—freezing rain. I was very fortunate to only be without power for maybe 40 hours. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I should rescue refrigerated food sooner than 24 hours. Fortunately, my sister never lost power. Unfortunately, my other siblings, who all live in the State of Emergency County, were without power at least 7 days. Fortunately they got it back in time for New Year’s.
  4. I went Up North on December 31 after work.
  5. I spent the hour or so between 2013 and 2014 slogging through 12 inches of snow on a very dark 300-foot driveway in Northern Michigan. I was the one holding the flashlight and telling people to wear coats, gloves, and boots. I did sing Auld Lang Syne.
  6. I came Back Downstate on January 5. It’s a 4-hour drive. It took 8 hours.
  7. I can’t wait to start the KAL. I didn’t start last night because I just arrived home with less than 40 minutes before Air Time. My yarn was somewhere in my well-organized stash but even so, it takes a bit to locate what tub DK-weight wool might be hiding in.
  8. I tried vodka-soaked Gummy Bears. Yuck!
  9. I love the yarn you got! That Lace Merino is so nice. Lovely color. How do you like the pattern so far?
  10. My refrigerator is nearly empty because I never got it stocked up much after the electrical outage. I took all my fresh stuff up north. Even though I could probably drive to Horrock’s right now, I can’t because my vehicle is in the State of Emergency County. Yes, I got home last night by another means. My vehicle was snowed in over in SoEC.
  11. There was less snowfall in the Northern part of the Lower Peninsula in the last 36 hours than the Southern part. I know it was about 12 inches last night. I’d say we have about 15 or more inches now, except it’s blowing around so much it’s hard to say.
  12.  I unearthed the KAL yarn this afternoon and printed out the instructions. I’m using River’s Edge Fiber Arts (yes, from right here in Grand Ledge) Northport Merino Wool in Wild Berry.
  13. I have to wind this mammoth 726-yard skein!
  14. What’s for supper?

I also hope your new year is full of health, happiness, prosperity and lots of yarn! 🙂 Say hi to Reese Jo and Yarrl.



PS. I don’t know if they did KALs prior to Season 3. We need to skulk around and find out!


About snowandroyce

Snow and Royce are friends. For a long time, Snow lived in a Southern state quite near Royce. Then Snow moved back home to the Northern land of her birth. They decided to start blogging just to keep in touch because email, Facebook, and other forms of digital communication just aren't quite enough. Royce has a dog named Joe. She likes miniatures, knitting, her grandchildren, vodka, and gadgets in no particular order. Snow likes knitting, miniatures, and would like to be a voracious reader, if only she could stay awake.
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