Here’s my late-August letter…

Dear Royce:

August 30:

August is nearly over, and my petunias are FINELY! coming back to life. They got all leggy and were far from their former beauty, so I liberally amputated them. Aptly, maybe a little too aggressively. Now over 3 weeks later, they are showing signs of flowering. There is one bloom fully out and a couple more on their way. It might have helped that we have had some rather summery humid weather this week.

It sounds like your garden is really doing well this summer. That’s great!

September 17

It’s been a busy several weeks. Since I last wrote, I started another letter but left it in draft mode.

First there was this trip up north, rather a last-minute trip over the Labor Day weekend. Had a nice time but the long weekend flew by. It was rainy and cool, too. Perfect for reading and a game of Spinners.

Your RDWD Wine ’em and Dine ’em socks are beautiful, as is your new shawl. I hope you get a lot of use out of both of them. The shawl’s colors truly seem like something you would pick out for yourself—-and you did! (Were you surprised at the sudden demise of RDWD?)

My nearly new desktop went on a corrupt tour last week. Everything was just hunky-dory, and then blam! No Sound for Me! No instant messenger. No this. No that. It all seemed to go bad all at once. I could still use the system in a fashion, but it really made it impossible to do certain things, especially work-related stuff. After hours of recon and self-diagnosis, I finally took it to the Geek Squad place. The agents’ initial diagnosis concurred with mine—that at the very least, the sound card had become a piece of useless hardware hanging around the inside of my desktop. Their progno$i$ was, although they would do some analy$i$ first, it would likely go to the mother $hip for 10-15 business days. 

<insert gna$hing of teeth, $obbing, as well as whimpering and pleading here>

To make a long $tory $hort, I brought home a new computer, $pent all night preparing it for work the next day, and then Lo! and Behold! got my other computer back in 3 days’ time. It was a $oftware thing that required a refre$h of Windows. :Sigh:

The family girls hosted a baby shower for our new cousin/nephew this weekend. He and his mom are in Michigan for several weeks to visit family and friends. He’s such a blue-eyed cutie!  I knitted pants and bibs for him.


I just finished Discovery of Witches and am in the middle of Brain on Fire. Now I have to read the followup book to Discovery

I hope things are going well for you guys. What are you reading and knitting? Write soon!




About snowandroyce

Snow and Royce are friends. For a long time, Snow lived in a Southern state quite near Royce. Then Snow moved back home to the Northern land of her birth. They decided to start blogging just to keep in touch because email, Facebook, and other forms of digital communication just aren't quite enough. Royce has a dog named Joe. She likes miniatures, knitting, her grandchildren, vodka, and gadgets in no particular order. Snow likes knitting, miniatures, and would like to be a voracious reader, if only she could stay awake.
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