MysteryKAL, Clue 3 Report

Dear Royce:

I finished clue 3 on Friday. I laid it down and spread out the thing. Then I saw it. There it was, nearly 30 rows from the end, left side of the center spine. A mistake. It was the very first SSK decrease on the left. Instead of pointing upward, it had taken a 90-degree right turn. I stared at it for a while. I thought for a while. I stared again.

Clue 3 section undergoing reconstruction

Clue 3 section undergoing reconstruction

It was still there. (I have no photographic evidence of the blunder but trust me, it was there.)

I knew I would always, always see it. I knew other knitters would see it and judge me as a knitting dufus. I just couldn’t live with it. I didn’t want to tink back 30 rows. Unfortunately, due to the decreases, I couldn’t just ladder down to it, fix it, and ladder back up. So I tinked about 30 rows of 20 stitches until I got to the offensive decrease. I finished the reknitting on Saturday morning, so I failed the assignment of finishing the clue before the next clue was released.

Stay tuned for the next dramatic episode of Mystery KAL Theatre!

With crossed needles,


BTW, your summer weather arrived here yesterday. I’m putting it on the next plane out of LAN. Go pick it up at the BNA terminal.


About snowandroyce

Snow and Royce are friends. For a long time, Snow lived in a Southern state quite near Royce. Then Snow moved back home to the Northern land of her birth. They decided to start blogging just to keep in touch because email, Facebook, and other forms of digital communication just aren't quite enough. Royce has a dog named Joe. She likes miniatures, knitting, her grandchildren, vodka, and gadgets in no particular order. Snow likes knitting, miniatures, and would like to be a voracious reader, if only she could stay awake.
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2 Responses to MysteryKAL, Clue 3 Report

  1. Nic says:

    Wow, that was a tricky fix. Well done. Proud O’ ye!

    • snowandroyce says:

      Thank you! I was a bit nervous….thought it through and decided to go for it. Unfortunately, due to the increases, I couldn’t just “ladder” down and then back up.

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