Dog and Cat Memories

Dear Snow,

No, she (me) will probably never sculpt 1:48 scale dogs and cats again.  I don’t even have any clay anymore as it spent too many years in the elements.  Remember how I named all the dogs and cats?  That really was fun, but wouldn’t want sculpting them to turn into a job again.  Remember when I made the road kill cat with tire tracks on it?  I shouldn’t have done it, but I just couldn’t help myself.  Of course, that particular one was never a sale item.  I’m glad you like your little Joe.  He was my first one.  Here’s to memories of my sculpting days:


Hugs, Royce


About snowandroyce

Snow and Royce are friends. For a long time, Snow lived in a Southern state quite near Royce. Then Snow moved back home to the Northern land of her birth. They decided to start blogging just to keep in touch because email, Facebook, and other forms of digital communication just aren't quite enough. Royce has a dog named Joe. She likes miniatures, knitting, her grandchildren, vodka, and gadgets in no particular order. Snow likes knitting, miniatures, and would like to be a voracious reader, if only she could stay awake.
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