Downton Abbey was EXCELLENT!

Dear Snow,

The first episode of the new season was outstanding!  I know it’s not a comedy, but there were so many funny scenes and lines.  I recorded it so I can watch it again before next week’s episode.

Answers to your questions:

1.  Mary and Matthew finally quit messing around and really messed around.  Wonder if Matthew was as good in bed as the one that died there.  LOL  What a twist it would have been if Matthew had died in her bed, too.  She’d never get a husband in that case – or a lover even.

2.  Love, love, love the clashing between the Countess Dowager and Mrs. Crawley.  So glad that it’s continuing on.  I have to say that Mrs. Crawley almost make the Countess Dowager look pretty, don’t you think?  hehe

3.  The addition of Shirley McClain as an American is entertaining.  Love her quips and barbs.  It think she will be a great addition to the series.

The Downton Abbey theme song is “Did I Make the Most of Loving  You” and in  my opinion is best as an instrumental.

Regarding Bates:  You go, Bates!  Tell that cell mate just what  you think.  Although, that may get you in trouble later.

I think there is a possibility with the current money problems that the Countess Dowager may finally find out what a weekend is.

On another subject:  I’m boiling eggs and using the timer with the magnet that stays on the refrigerator.  I’m thinking that it’s yours.  If so, sorry, but na na na na na na!

Oh – and yesterday’s Sky Scarf row was blue and white.  Today’s is two blues.  Looks like the rest of the week will probably be grey.  Bummer!

Hugs, Royce


About snowandroyce

Snow and Royce are friends. For a long time, Snow lived in a Southern state quite near Royce. Then Snow moved back home to the Northern land of her birth. They decided to start blogging just to keep in touch because email, Facebook, and other forms of digital communication just aren't quite enough. Royce has a dog named Joe. She likes miniatures, knitting, her grandchildren, vodka, and gadgets in no particular order. Snow likes knitting, miniatures, and would like to be a voracious reader, if only she could stay awake.
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2 Responses to Downton Abbey was EXCELLENT!

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  2. Curls & Q says:

    Q – So LOVED the first episode of the season. Thought the same thing when Mary and Matthew were in bed. LOL!

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