Love My Charlotte’s Web!

Dear Snow,

I love the fact that people like my color choices for the Charlotte’s Web Shawl that you knitted for me.  I really didn’t think the colors would go together that well as they were just random skeins of Koigu that I had in my stash.  I remember laying them all out and trying to figure out which way they should go.  Apparently, it was the right way as I think it’s beautiful.  I will send you a picture of me wearing the shawl when I am dressed more appropriately.  As you know, the things I wear around the house would not accent the shawl at all.  On this gloomy day, it’s an old T-shirt and Yoga pants.  Thanks again for knitting the shawl for it.  It’s my favorite shawl!

What’s on my needles, you say?  That would be my second pair of socks for this month.  I finished a pair for Larry, my first pair of “man socks”.  Thankfully, he doesn’t have huge feet. The yarn is an old skein of On Your Toes with Aloe Vera.
2015-05-25 11.20.12






The second pair is for Andrea and is from a very, very old Opal that you gave me when you cleaned out your stash a few years back. It’s knitting up very nicely, but I know you don’t like pink.  I’m not doing the ASK pattern of the month as it is too lacey for Andrea.  Hope I get them finished by the end of the month.  I only have this cuff and half the other sock cuff to finish.
2015-05-25 11.21.16






This Memorial Day is rainy and gloomy. The family was here yesterday for a cook out to celebrate Dana’s birthday. We had fun, as usual, and Reese had two other little dogs to play with – Dana’s Chichihua and Andrea’s “little white dog”, Lexie. Reese was totally worn out last night and that can be a good thing.

Glad we are back on our blog. When you have time, let me know what you are up to.

Hugs, Royce

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Charlotte’s Web

Dear Royce:

Today I received an intra-Raverly compliment regarding your Charlotte’s Web shawl. People like your color choices. 🙂

Carole's Charlotte's Web

Every once and a while I think about unearthing the Koigu stash and getting mine made. I might need to send you the yarn so you can select the 5 choices and the sequence order.

Do you remember the fun we had ordering and then trying out the arrangement? Do you know it’s been 5 years? (I’m not really sure – I think it’s been longer.) And I think now you wouldn’t hesitate to knit that shawl yourself.

What’s on your needles?



PS. Why don’t I have a picture of you properly wearing it?

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Knitter’s Review: Unshrinkit

Dear Royce:

Clara Parkes, the owner/author/publisher of Knitter’s Review dot com, has just published her review of a new product called Unshrinkit.

I keep casting on things lately. Socks mostly.

  1. First sock completed for a test knit due at the end of October. Suffering from SSS.
  2. First sock completed for a test knit due after the first of the year.  Suffering from SSS as well.
  3. First sock about 25% using Miss Babs yarn. Toe-up.
  4. First sock at about 25% using Vesper in a stripey colorway.
  5. Two socks at a time about 25% using Vesper in a 5 stripe colorway called Bride of Socktober Spooktacular.
  6. A just completed crocheted Foxy baby hat.
  7. Itching to start a Walking Dead sock-a-long on Sunday!

That’s about all for now. Take care!


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I Like the Yellow Knife, Too

Dear Snow,

I also thought the yellow knife was cool.  You know how I am about knives.  I’m still using the wonderful knife you left here for me.  Love it and thank you again.  I have this really great knife for slicing tomatoes.  I think it was one of those Seen on TV things.  I can’t say it cuts up other things, but for tomatoes, it’s perfect!

2014-08-18 15.35.04




So glad you liked your birthday yarn and your socks are so pretty! I’m knitting Rainy Days and Wooly Dogs socks again. I think this is my last skein of her yarn. How sad is that! It’s called “The Colors of Autumn”. Looks more like the colors of bumblebees. What do you think?

2014-08-17 17.58.32







Hugs, Royce

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How Do You Get to the Mango Fruit?

Dear Royce:

You shared this video. If just one of these methods truly works, it’s worth the few minutes watching the video.

Though I do think I might need that knife he/she is using in the video.



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Joy Birthday Socks

Dear Royce:

I really wanted to use the yarn you sent for my birthday on a small shawlette but could not find something that worked, at least not anything very lacy. So I made socks. Toe-up, Crazy Hoes & Teals. The yarn is very, very soft! I started these Up North  over 10 days ago and finally finished sock #2 yesterday.


Thank you again for the yarn! I love it.


Hugs, Snow




Yarn is Manos del Uruguay Alegría in colorway 9102 Colibri. 75% Merino, 25% Nylon. It almost feels and looks like there is a bit of silk in the blend. Alegría means “joy” in Spanish.

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Surprise Yarn in the Mail!

Dear Royce and Attentive Readers:

Thank you for your very kind words on my Aidez sweater. (The yarn is Cascade’s Ecological Wool.)

I love your Opal Handpaint socks! Those socks rock! I still like Opal yarn for socks and have been impressed how well socks made with it stand up to YEARS of use (and abuse). And yep, I did make the Opal 6-ply socks at the same time you started those Handpaints. Have you worn them yet? I’m sure you have.

The moebius cowl I’ve been knitting (yep, still knitting it a row at a time…) is a true moebius. Lots of stitches and takes a while to knit a round because it’s fingering weight yarn.

I am so glad you like your recipe “scrapbooks” and keep them so organized. I’m going to send my book and pile of mostly disorganized printed recipes to you to organize. Just kidding! Wait, I’m going to send it.

How did you like the Nutribullet Cheesecake? I’m sure you wrote to the Fruits to share the news, but you know…..I get behind on my FB emails.

I had a good birthday. It was a major holiday, so we did have some of the family together for traditional feast of the ham and all the sides. It was the most beautiful day we’ve had in about 6 months. We sat outside–and didn’t have to wear coats and boots. One of my sisters got SUNBURNED.

It’s been cold and yucky and rainy. I swear it actually sleeted for a few minutes this afternoon, pelting the window in my office with sleety bits. It’s not really cold enough to snow, but it still made an attempt.

I went out just a bit ago to retrieve a package that came in the mail and was handed two packages. Surprise!!! Thank you so very much! It’s just so gorgeous! I cannot wait to try out this Manos del Uruguay sock yarn. I must finish the 2nd sock I have going so I can start a new pair! [Do you think it’s too gorgeous/fancy for socks?]


The yarn treat is shown adorning my partially-decorated Spring/Easter tree. It’s in transition. Aren’t the colors beautiful? My snapshot does not do it justice!

How is your Polish shawl? What else are you working on? What are you reading? What else is going on in the ‘Boro?

Thanks again for the Yarn Treat, the birthday cake, the card, and the birthday post greeting!

Have to get back to work! Hugs from Up North!



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Dear Snow,

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, dear Snow! Happy Birthday to you!

I hope you are having a wonderful birthday! Also, hope you are having a Happy Easter! I bet you are spending time with family and hoping that they are making your day special!

I wish you many, many more!

Hugs, Royce

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Dear Snow,

Your Ravellenic sweater is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!  I just love it!  You said you enjoyed working with the yarn, but didn’t say what yarn it is – unless I missed it somewhere and that’s always possible with me.  Is the moebius cowl you’re knitting a true moebius?  It’s really a pretty pattern.

Opal Handpaint

Remember these – or should I say this? I knitted one of these socks as a store sample when the Knaughty Knitter first opened. The yarn is Opal Handpaint. Well, after eight years, I finally knitted the second sock. Actually, I had totally forgotten about them. If I remember correctly, you knitted a sock from the Opal 6 ply.

Yesterday, I finally got around to cleaning out the great recipe books that you gave me. They are now very neat and even have a place for recipes I want to try. If I like the recipes, they will have a permanent place in the books. Thanks again for the books. They are perfect for all those recipes I print off the Internet.  By the way, we had Hash Crap recently and of course, thought of you.

You asked if Reese’s coloring was unusual. I guess not as her mother was totally blonde with a little brownish red in her fur. Reese looked all blonde when she was groomed last Wednesday, but now is showing some reddish brown areas. We’re really not certain what color she will be when full grown.  Her color just keeps changing.  Joe Pierce was all black when he was a puppy and then changed to those cool colors that made him look like he was wearing a sweater. 🙂

I took the Nutribullet Cheesecake out of the oven a few minutes ago. Looking forward to trying it when it cools.

It’s only in the 50s here today and rather windy, so I’m going to go knit on my Polish Shawl and watch recorded Datelines and 48 hours.

Hugs, Royce

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I Do Remember Now

Dear Royce:

No need to apologize about not writing. As you know, I sometimes go more than a month without writing. I feel sometimes I have to have a lot to write, but that’s really nonsense, isn’t it? And I understand the doors thing. I usually get ideas while driving or somewhere else. I think, “I want to remember to tell Royce about this,” and the thought is soon gone, like a dream memory.

And I do remember that zip bag. I got it at the TNNA cash-n-carry market in Franklin several years ago. The vendor gets them from a woman who generally makes them from upholstery fabric samples, just like Lisa does. When I saw the sunflower pattern, I thought of you. I’m glad you get so much use from it.

Reese Jo looks SO different than her early puppy pictures. Would you say her coloring is unusual?

It’s so nice you have the early stuff already planted! We have had a few days above freezing, even one or two days into 40s, but it’s been a really cold March so far. It has not been unusual for it to be in single digits, especially overnight, and most days are in the teens and 20s. The wind is always pretty bitter. We have had some miserably cold rain this week when it got above freezing. Despite the temperatures, we have had lots of sun and a good amount of the snow has melted off. Most of the huge snow piles are still pretty sizeable though. More snow is in the forecast for tonight/tomorrow. It would be nice to have some spring-like weather soon.

I finished my Ravellenic sweater, the Aidez. I actually finished it, including blocking, on March 4. I finally took some pictures of it. I love working with the yarn so much, but it is a bit itchy to the skin. Mother would say that the itchiness keeps your blood circulating better and keeps you warmer. 🙂 I would love to make a shawl from this yarn, something really large and great for wrapping up in.

DSCN2960 DSCN2961

Currently I’m working on a moebius cowl called Roam. I’m using Knit One Crochet Two Kettle Tweed from the Knaughty Knitter.

Work has been so busy. We’re ramping up on a new project that seems to keep changing. There is so much paperwork (ugh) just getting people ready for this. I’m generally okay with some paperwork, but it’s really getting tiring with all the downloading, printing, signing, scanning, uploading, and emailing here. I’m sure all the people are tired of it to, but they seem to roll with the punches with good grace.

I just got my Nutribullet on Friday. I raced out at lunch to pick it up. I did read through the literature (why can’t there be just one book?) and made a list of things I needed to pick up. I’ve made 3 smoothies so far. I pounded down my kale-strawberry-blueberry-banana-cashew smoothie this morning and wanted another one immediately!



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